Princess Lennox

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 First there was big sister "Princess Adelaide" who was first in the edition and then "Princess Huxley (twin to this NEW baby) and now...“Princess Lennox”! How royal does that name sound?! This little one is full of expression! If you know me, I love a different and new look for my kits. That is what sets mine apart from other lovely sculptors. While Huxley has a soft and docile look, Lennox is smiling so big that her little nose scrunches up showing her toothless gummy grin and squinty eyes. To my knowledge, this is the first ever kit with a scrunched-up nose as babies tend to make matched with a big cheesy smile! 

She has a head circumference of 15 1/8” and is approximately 21-22” to the bottom of her bent leg.  She has side loading arms and legs.  Our recommended eye size is 20 mm. 



Her price is $104.99 





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