Layla- vinyl doll kit- Deposit Only

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 Just in time for summer we are proud to announce our latest vinyl kit release sweet baby “Layla.” You’re gonna want to add this this tiny “doe eyed” beauty to your collection! She was loosely inspired by a darling baby who is often referred to as a “real life doll.” Andrea really captured her beauty; from her big captivating brown eyes to her porcelain skin. As with most Arcello kits, Layla has very delicate and detailed features which truly show her pure innocence, as well as her inquisitive nature.

-Head circumference 13”

-Approximately 17” to the bottom of her bent leg.

- Side loading arms and legs.

- Eye Size 20mm

-Length 17" to bottom of bent leg 

Total price for Layla is $110.00, you are paying a deposit of $25.00 plus shipping now and will be invoiced for the remaining balance once the kits are in stock. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the kits to be in stock from the date preorders start.