Enlai- Deluxe Version SOLD OUT

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Enlai was created from a real baby called baby Lynn, and it looks as if she has been truly captured in time.  I have used a new very special technique with her hair, as always, the best mohair available, but I have applied baby fine hairs all around her face which mimics newborn baby fuzz, even more realistic than before.   She is much smaller than any of my other silicones, and is curled up just as a newborn would be.  With her pursed lips and facial expression, she conveys pure contentment almost as if she was just fed and has a full and satisfied belly.  I am convinced you will love her even more when she is in your arms!  Her head measures 13 ½ inches, 14 inches from head to the bottom of her bent leg, she would be 16-17” long if she were stretched out. She will wear preemie and some newborn sized clothing.


The deluxe version of Enlai will include her fingers and toes separated and her one hand with the gently curled up fist will also be opened, she will be able to grasp finger!  This new technique is new and very amazing!  This deluxe version will have her belly and cheeks hollowed out to create a lifelike squishy feel much like a real newborn baby with tender and fresh soft new skin.  The deluxe version will cost $4,200.

~ Ecoflex 20 Silicone
~ Fused wrinkled neck 
~ You choose if you would like a magnetic pacifier
~ High end boutique clothes
~ German blown glass eyes
~ Seamless full silicone body
~ Available for a limited time only
~ 2 year limited warranty

$1000.00 non refundable deposit. Payment plans accepted. This is the first half down payment of $500. 

 THIS IS A CUSTOM DOLL-Due to the amount of work and cost that goes into each baby, there are no refunds. If you would like to sell your spot to another person, you can talk to me about a refund. Prototypes are also custom since they are the first to be poured and you are still able to choose the hair and eye color. Each one varies slightly in color and feel. By purchasing this baby doll, you agree to pay the amount due in it's entirety as agreed upon with the artist. If you cannot finish your payment, you must find someone to take over your payments to exit your contract. Unless your baby is defective according to the artist, there will be no refunds. The artist is very fare and holds a great reputation with her customers.


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